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1. We come to you
2. You save gas
3. You save time
4. Fixed same day
5. You can stay home

Speed Optimization

Need A Faster Computer But Don't Want To Spend A Fortune?

Don't toss away your old faithful computer. Optimize it! With our on-site speed optimization services, your computer's best years are not behind; they are ahead. Compu-Hero will speed-up your existing computer for a fraction of what you would spend on a new computer. Our techs will speed-up your computer and explain to you what was causing the slowdowns.

This service includes:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or the service is free (see details)
  • Removal of unnecessary software applications
  • Removal of auto-loading applications
  • Installation of RAM memory*
  • Installation of graphics card*
  • Hard disk defragmentation
  • Removal of unnecessary files
  • Browser clean up
  • Hard Drive Errors Inspection
  • Windows registry and services optimization
* Hardware parts must be owned by customer and are not provided by Compu-Hero nor included in the price.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee Symbol 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If by the time we are done with the job, you are not completely satisfied with our service, the service will be free. So call us today, risk free.   Find out more