Dead Power Supply

When you press the power button and your computer gives no sign of life, and all the lights are absent, then the most likely cause is a power supply failure. That is, of course, taking into consideration that you already checked that the power cable is properly plugged in.

Why Does It Happen?

The reasons could be several, but here are the most common: the power supply is being overloaded, basic voltages needed by the power supply are missing, the system board has a defective capacitor, or overheating caused by cigarette smoke or too much dust. These last two were mentioned before in problem number 4.


Start by checking the external connections of your computer's power supply. To do this, just take a close look at where the power plug is connected to your computer. Confirm that it is connected to a working outlet. Check the position of the on/off switch and the 110/220 switch. The normal setting for computers used in the United States is 110. You should also use a voltmeter to check for proper voltages. If any system voltages are missing from the power supply, replace it.


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