Hard Drive Failure

If you start hearing loud sounds that you were not hearing before, be scared because those sounds could be coming from your hard drive. The hard drive is where everything is stored. And hearing a clicking sound as you access your data is one of the first indications that your hard drive is about to die on you.

Why Does It Happen?

A hard drive could stop working for many different reasons but generally speaking they crash because of a mechanical failure, electrical surge, a violent shake, or even because of a virus.


A hard drive failure could happen to anyone at any time and the only reliable solution is to always have a backup of all your information. Make sure that you have all your important information backed up, or you could lose irreplaceable data, or thousands of hours of your hard work.

If all you have are minor problems, and not the clicking sounds of death, you could use the CHKDSK utility within Windows to fix minor problems like bad sectors. If Windows tells you constantly that it needs to check the consistency of your hard drive, pay close attention because it could be trying to tell you that your hard drive is about to fail. Also take into consideration that you may be able to find free diagnostic tools that perform a more thorough test at your hard drive manufacture's website.


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