Internet or Network Connectivity Issues

One day you are connected but the next day you can't connect. Nothing has changed and you can't figure out what to do. A computer network is like a brick wall. You can't have a stable brick wall if some of the lower bricks are missing. With your Internet connection, you can't browse if the brick between you and the Internet (the modem/router) is not responding.

Why Does It Happen?

Network problems are very diverse and some are very complicated. I will only mention some of the main reasons why these problems occur. The most common ones are: problems with a device, cables, network components, software problems, or duplicate ip addresses.


The first thing that every network expert does is to check the connections. Make sure that the modem or router is connected to the power outlet and to your computer. If they are, reset the device by unplugging it from its power source and leave it unplugged for about 3 minutes. Also turn off your computer. Now plug the modem/router back in and wait for all the lights to blink and come on. After that, turn your computer on again and try to connect. This process will fix almost 90% of all home connection problems.

If you still can't connect, make sure that your network adapter has the right drivers. You also need to check if an application is blocking the connectivity of the computer. Always try to disable the firewall just to make sure that it's not preventing you from connecting to the internet or your network.

If the problem wasn't fixed, the next step would be to make sure that all the information on the computer matches the information on the modem/router settings. Check your password, the name of the network, channels, encryption type, etc., just in case someone changed them by mistake. If you feel confident that everything is correct, then delete and recreate the network configuration. Many times I have been in situations where everything looks fine and should work, but doesn't. In those cases, recreating the network configuration has always solved the problems for me.


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