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Employee Monitoring

Boost Productivity And Protect Your Business

Surveys show that two-thirds of all U.S. companies monitor their employees’ computer use. Some of the main reasons are: to increase productivity, to avoid lawsuits, and to protect the company’s confidential information.

Employees may abuse their Internet and email privileges by performing personal tasks on your company’s time, visiting inappropriate websites, and sending out inappropriate email messages. All these could create productivity issues, harassment lawsuits, and confidential information leakage.

  • Productivity Issues: Employees may waste precious work hours by playing computer games and surfing social networking sites like Facebook, shopping sites like Ebay, or sports sites like ESPN.
  • Harassment Lawsuits: What might seem like a funny email joke to some could be construed as harassment by others.
  • Confidential Information Leakage: Your confidential information might be in your competitor's hand even before it reaches your desk. Keep your company’s confidential information confidential.

Compu-Hero provides a variety of employee monitoring solutions for small businesses and corporations. Here are some of the solutions that you can expect to get from us:

  • Web Filters: This solution blocks employee access to specified websites. And the company can create a list of specific sites to block, or use filters to describe the kinds of sites to block.
  • Network Analyzers or Protocol Analyzers (A.K.A. Packet Sniffers): With a sniffer, you will be able to look for specific types of information. For example, a sniffer might be configured to look for data containing particular words or phrases. Data packets meeting the specified criteria are stored on a hard disk, for future examination. Packet sniffers are also used to monitor incoming and outgoing emails and instant messages.
  • Keystroke Loggers: Keystroke loggers do just what the name implies—they log every keystroke typed at an employee’s computer. These programs intercept the electronic signals between a worker’s keyboard and his/her operating system, and copy every keystroke into a log file. An employer can then access the log file and see everything entered from the keyboard.
  • Desktop Monitoring: This is the most effective way to monitor computer usage in real time. With this solution, you will be able to see everything that is done by the user. The entire screen can be accessed and recorded automatically. This is like standing over your employees’ shoulders and watching everything they do at their computers. This option will also gather reports showing which employees are printing sensitive documents, taking information on removable flash drives, CDs, or DVDs; and who is wasting work hours on shopping sites, "adult" sites, or social networking sites.

At Compu-Hero, we understand that goal is not to trap your employees in illicit activity, but rather to discourage such activity in the first place. It’s not about discovering miscreants; it’s about encouraging proper and productive workplace behavior.

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